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Whiskeytown Report:

Seven Moores made it to Whiskeytown for the annual Memorial Day weekend regatta, four of them from the Pacific Northwest and three from the Bay Area.  Conditions were light and warm and there was no current.  Two races were sailed on Saturday (wind was two from the left, well 1.5 as it was really light) and three on Sunday (wind was two from the left and one from the right). A good time was had by all and where the hell were all the rest of you?

Shore side festivities were: swimming, 1/2 ball, 12oz curls, boy scout fire badges, swimming, Viking appreciation, swimming and trailer admiration right from your lawn chair. In summary, typical chilled out Moore comradery. There were also discussions about some unusual, but successful, routes taken. There are a few islands near the launch area that are always left to the shore side, they are not restricted but just better left there on their own. Rowan, Peter and Bart all slithered in there and to everyone's amazement, came out smelling like roses. Note to the wise, this never works and should not be repeated. A good time was had by all and where the hell were all the rest of you?

Next up is the Ditch and the forecast is 66 coast side and 99 inland for Sat. If the old rule still applies now that we have filled the atmosphere with Roadmaster emissions, we will have 33 knots of wind. Whoopeee and ... A good time was had by all and where the hell were all the rest of you?

After that is the JEWEL of west coast trailer sailing: HUNTINGTON. Don't let the story repeat with... A good time was had by all and where the hell were all the rest of you?

Bart, Simon and Brenda on Gruntled

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