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Singlehanded Farallones Report 2011

Three Moores made it to the start line with two making round the rock, I started with a # 3 and full main, reefed at Bonita just before the washing machine started. On the way out at some point I heard a bang that wasn't comforting but couldn't see any thing wrong. It was only when I gybed under the Rock and was shaking out the reef did I see the goose neck was only partially attached. Nothing really could be done but hope it didn't tear off completely.
Andy Hamilton on The Bar Ba Loot rounded a couple of minutes in front of me so we had ourselves a great race going, on the way back I was able to work past him. The ride in was great, only had a GPS for boat speed but saw lots of 16's and due to the wind direction it wasn't too painful to drive off down deep to surf the big ones. Andy popped a chute at Bonita to close dramatically on me but I was able to finish a few minutes ahead. All you need is a couple of Moores for a darned good race. Finished around 5.30 with enough time to get back to Richmond in daylight. Moral of the story is be careful what you agree to after a few Dark and Stormies!


John Kernot

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