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3-3-3 Race Report 2011

The 3-3-3 thing at the fine Belvedere cove anchorage was a great success. If you missed it there will always be next year. Here are some pics from Karl and some video from Jenny on the Flying Tiger... and it is great! Thanks to everyone for making the event a fine success.

The weekend was a windy one and the course was shorted as a result. We started in the cove in very variable and shifty conditions and then made our way out to big pressure and round Yellow Bluff buoy to port. Okay the first problem was that this was billed as a casual affair with a start time of 1pm. Only #12 and Kevin's well lubricated crew were on time so ... we chilled out and got going at 2pm only to find that yellow bluff buoy has not been on station, apparently for years! Oooops Karl and Simon (yeah cheaters with a crew of only two) on 121 overstood radically and almost lost the lead at the un-mark. We rounded an orange inflatable hoisted the chute and were off. Karl was de-virginized and got to drive his new boat leaping from wave to wave. Fun times for sure except that we were trying to leave Alcatraz to port and the ferocious flood meant that we had no chance of laying so we crashed and packed up the chute. Billy and Min squeaked past but they were cheating with four bubbas on the rail. Rush back to the cove pack up and have some food and drinks and many laughs. The final results showed that we were all winners.
Vaughn said that his boat was pretty noisy and it wasn't till I got to see the video that I understood that he had a screaming good time! Enjoy the clip.

Smiles all around with some of us heading out to anchorage, some running for home, some holding up the bar till the wheeeeee hours. Coffee and bagels were delivered by dinghy in the am and then the rest of us slid home to get back to our terrestrial lives.
Ohh yeah... the kids loved it as they could play on the boats while they were at the dock at SAMS while the parents manned the access to the big world out there at the top of the ramp (cocktail in hand). Some boats spent the night right there at the SAMS dock with no problems. Sure that will be their plan for next year also, for me the whole point is to have that fantastic view of the city from the anchorage.

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