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3-3-3 Race May 7-8

The 3-3-3 Race is coming up on May 7-8. This is a Triplehanded event.

We were set to use the Bay View Boat Club as the center for this event of a bay cruise, party, sleepover and casual sail home but then...

Anyway, not to be discouraged by rejection, the new plan is to use Belvedere Cove as the new center for this gathering. Belvedere cove is on the Tiburon side of the Racoon Straights and is a great anchorage close to Sams and the Pizza Joint and will be perfect for us. Saturday we will have a casual beginning at 1pm with a start line setup by John Super (again) and we will have a tour (this is not legally a race) and will finish again at the cove where we will anchor and then go ashore for drinks and dinner. I'll have a zodiac as a ferry and please bring yours if you can. We can pre-anchor then prior to the start of the tour.

Remember that the 3-3-3 thing is three people (kids count as 1/2 each), Jib (no big headsails) and three libations each. The point is to have a beercan style get together for only Moores. Could be be beginning of something grand?

I have anchored in the cove many times and it is protected, beautiful and big with good holding in 10 ft. If the sleep over is not your thing then just join us for the tour and then piss off and seep in ya own bed!



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