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2015 Three Bridge Fiasco – Results

Congratulations to the 8 out of 30 Moore's who made it around Red Rock and finished!

Caleb Everett - Tortuga #154

Great to be out again. The blue boat was en fuego - did an amazing job in the light after Southampton Shoals - kept it going and sailed away from everybody. Well done. Matt Dini almost got caught up at Redrock - unfortunately just after the wind shut down and the blue boat had gone around the island.

Here was our track:,-122.4093705,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!6m1!1szWcca7v0QFNw.kYmdl-lKwzHg

The back and forth at Redrock is mostly with the bow pointed somewhere close to the rock, i.e., ferrying back and forth across the current for a couple of hours.

Scott Sorensen - #92

What a great sailing day!!!  Congratulations to all who sailed fast, both forward and backwards.  And welcome to the fleet for a bunch of new and long-lost faces.  Well done everybody.

Fun Fact:  Did you know that if you take your entire anchor line, extend it with the jib sheet, bow line, two spinnaker sheets, and the stern line, you can reach the deep part of the bay between Alcatraz and the GG Bridge?

See you at Spring Keel.

 Matt Dini - #134

3BF recap from "penguin".................Well it had been a year since the boat was in the water. My crew badgerd me to come out of retirement. When we were 15 minutes before the start I remembered how much fun the Moore fleet was and what I was missing.

We sailed to TI first, along with 7 or 8 other Moores. We had a really nice port beat to Southampton and the wind went really light. We were lucky and had enough breeze to almost catch "Cal" at Red Rock. We were about 50 yards behind Cal and watched them make it around Red Rock West to East. Then the wind glassed off. The anchor went out and we worked on our tans for 2 1/2 hours. Typical 3BF! Congrats to Michael and Larry they sailed a great race........


2015 Three Bridge Fiasco
1st CAL (136) 15:17:29 Michael Quinn / Larry Nelson
2nd CRAZY EIGHTS (28888) 15:55:28 Aaron Lee / Lief Wadleigh
3rd MOORE WAVE*OHS (34) 15:55:39 Kurt Lahr / Alex Simanis
4th RAGTIME (23) 16:08:13 James Clappier / Patrick Whitmarsh
5th PENGUIN (134) 17:44:44 Matt Dini / Tim Mctighe
6th TORTUGA (154) 18:14:30 Caleb Everett / Dan Rossen
7th WET SPOT (51) 18:24:51 Mike O Callaghan / John Verdoia
8th MORSEL (92) 18:47:12 Scott Sorensen / Patrick Lewis

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