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2014 Nationals – Winner’s report from Gruntled

Great time in Monterey with 13 boats battling it out over three days. Typical lump and #2 weather (we don’t have a #2!). Lots of kelp and lots of panicked swerving around to avoid it but, the story doesn’t begin there…

215 minus 170 is 45 and those are the number of pounds of pure fat that we had to shed to even get to the line. Ten days prior and the starvation began, some of us lost 20 lbs! Ahh yes, it was brutal but it was the only way. Covered in black wheel bearing grease, I arrived MPYC at 9pm Thurs with the scale over my shoulder, walked past the closed kitchen and ordered a huge plate any leftovers they had and two Lagunita’s IPAs. I grabbed the club manager and dragged him into the Men’s and I stripped to skivvies and was overjoyed to see the scale balance at 210! Wooohoo we're in and the best two beers of my life instantly added 3lbs

Just a few hours earlier I was on 880 on the shoulder with a blown trailer bearing and billowing clouds of grey smoke pouring off the cherry-red hub that threatened to burn Gruntled (Druntled!) to the ground. Luckily, I mixed and matched enough of a plan to limp to Monterey.

Friday morning and the fleet was all facing north in a big raft up while rigs were tuned and hands were shooken. New faces and old ones and all of us stoked to finally be at Nationals and away from work (and school for a whole bunch of sailors!).

Double lap distance race to Pinos and the scoreboard began to collect points. Paramour takes it after Gruntled led most of the way and a pattern that would last the weekend was established.

Sat saw many improvised kelp sticks and three races in nice breeze. Bang the left hard and your life was likely looking pretty good. Forced to tack away for clear air and then all bets were off going up the center and right. There were a few Hail Mary’s that did pay out there but anyone out there was just making the best of a bad thing. End of Sat and Gruntled was in fourth with Moore Cow Bell and Moore Wave *Ohs tied and Paramour third. Yikes we had work to do!

Nice party and dinner at the club, lotsa yachtie karate and smiles all round. I was smiling because we four of the skippers in the fleet are women (Josselyn, Sydnie, Hilary and Kathryn), how cool is that!?

Sunday comes and it is time to get serious… unfortunately everyone has the same plan and an epic battle begins. Clean sailing and just about the whole fleet with #2’s and Gruntled with a #3. We hang and finish second to Paramour after sailing through a huge ball of Kelp that drew Ooohhhh *hits from us and Oooohhhh’s of glee from #75. Luckily nothing stuck and we slid in there for a two. Last race of the no-throw regatta and we again start with a #3, Rowan ziggs and zaggs and we cruise right down the course to the gate while slipping on the #1 and pass that sucker. One last time to the top and we get Hillary and Moorgasm between us and the relief and high fivin starts. Phhhewww what battle and what great sportsmen and women.

Next nationals, let’s sail two races on Friday and then the distance race. Let’s also have a throw out and most importantly… we all have to bring ONE additional boat to the start line. 13 boats is not what the Moore’s are all about. Each of us needs to pick on one boat in the dry store yard and get that boat some help and enthusiasm to get to the line. This a personal mission for each of us. Call them up, loan them sails, crew for them, get them to beercans, fix their trailer and just eliminate ANY possible reason and excuse they have for not showing. OKAY? Can we all do this?

Many thanks to MPYC and especially to Sydnie for making all this happen. Also, well done to Mark and Kori on their two new ones, welcome to the fleet.

(Photo: Tina Verutti)

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  1. Mercedes says:

    Here is the link for the photo’s I took Friday and Saturday and shown at the dinner slideshow. Enjoy!
    Tina Verutti

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